Welcome to my now page. It was inspired by Derek Sivers. Here you will find updates on where I’m focusing my energy:


Gloclo: I'm in the early stages of building an app to share clothing within local communities.

Chill Pill: I intern at a lovely mental health support community called Chill Pill. Check out the app

here :)


👗Fashion: exploring + building in the fashion space. Continuing work on Dyetricity (microbrial fuel cells to treat dye wastewater) and exploring fashion design w/ support from my mentor Erin Beatty.

🌊Oceans: ocean action work, as an Ocean Bridge ambassador @ Ocean Wise.

🌞Adventuring in the outdoors: swimming, picnics, hikes...

04. 2021

Fashion Venture: Trona - Creating a budget + book-keeping system, marketing plan, website, and continuing to iterate pitches leading up to Watson Summit.

Idea Sprint - In Activate at TKS, we are having an idea sprint for the next two weeks. I plan on idea sprinting on the period poverty and packaging problems. Following this sprint, we will be focusing on our final capstone projects.

Watson Institute - It's the final month of my time at Watson and we're transitioning into our people checkpoint (focused on leadership, marketing, and people skills). I want to be intentional about continuing to put my best effort into the work I'll do this month, be present in daily calls, and building strong relationships. Watson Summit will celebrate the close of our semester. RSVP here, if you would like to attend and see what we've been up to :))

Youtube - Creating video content for my Youtube channel. 🎬


Fashion Venture - Trona: At Watson Institute, I have started developing Trona out of my research into fast fashion and the future of fashion. Trona is a project designing a more sustainable future of fashion. We are starting with making slow fashion streetwear for Gen Z + Millennials made following a circular production process and plan on documenting the process when we launch. Additionally, we are deeply researching the water contamination from the textile waste problem and ways we may transform dye wastewater into useful products. A huge thank you to my free agent Caramia Valentin + my mentor Eben Johnson for all of the help.

One-Pager + Root Cause Analysis For Textile-Dye-Related-Water-Contamination

XPRIZE Challenge: This month at TKS, we are doing a capstone project with XPRIZE. I will be working with Nyla Pirani on creating a recommendation to XPRIZE on the challenge statement.

Update: Check Out The Deck We Submitted

Watson Institute: Currently, almost halfway through my time at Watson Institute. I feel as though I am learning so much every day and am grateful to be in a fast-paced environment with a strong community. I'm excited to be speaking at CU Boulder on Trona and participating in a brain trust with the Founder of Watson Institute Eric Glustrom and Founder of Pop Socket David Barnett.

Presentations: I am strengthening my presentation skills by attending group coaching calls at Talk Boutique. Started taking the Thought Leader Academy course in January. Shoutout to Andrea Sampson for all the incredible lessons and coaching. Thank you Dan Jacobs + TKS for the opportunity to be a part of this course. In parallel, I am constantly refining my pitch for Trona as part of my time at Watson Institute. Special thank you to Jeremy for the pitch coaching.

02. 2021

The Future Of Fashion: I'm learning about the fashion industry, researching fast fashion + the negative impacts of fashion, and brainstorming ways to create sustainable streetwear. Watson Institute: I'm in my third week of Watson Institute's Spring 2021 Semester accelerator program. My mission is the environment and I'm in the venture stream. TKS: I'm in my third year of The Knowledge Society in the Activate program. I'm focusing on deeply understanding the fast-fashion problem using frameworks like root cause analysis. I mentor and coach students in the Foundation's program.